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Are you interested in going hunting or harvesting your own wild game, but not sure where to start? Pheasants Forever is committed to creating and protecting wild spaces and supporting outdoor recreation, so that others can enjoy public lands, habitat and the wildlife that calls it home. The experience of hunting is so important… spending quality bonding time outdoors, seeking adventure, finding intimate wildlife encounters, physically challenging ourselves, harvesting fresh wild game meat and gaining solitude away from the busy world.

These are among some of the many reasons why individuals hunt. Research continues to show that time spent in the outdoors has a variety of mental and physical health benefits, so we want to continue inspiring and empowering more people to connect with the land we love.

Youth learn to Hunt


All the efforts made today by Pheasants Forever have little impact without future conservation leaders taking a stand for wildlife habitat conservation. As part of this effort, our organization is dedicated to working with members, chapters and conservation partners to provide opportunities for youth and their families to share our outdoor traditions through our Learn To Hunt Program.

adult learn to hunt


Although our Learn to Hunt program was originally focused on mentoring new youth, it has expanded in scope to serve hunter-conservationist of all ages. Chapters and staff across the country have hosted women’s hunts, family hunts, locavore (food-conscious) adult hunts and university student hunts in an effort to diversify our hunting community.



Tips and insights to help you have meaningful and successful “first hunt” experiences.



Is the future of hunting and wildlife conservation important to you? Becoming a mentor is our call-to-action for hunters and we need your help!



We would like to hear your unique story of being introduced or introducing another into the world of hunting.

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