Hunters have always been wildlife habitat’s strongest advocates, wildlife’s staunchest allies, and publicly accessible lands’ steadiest supporters. The world needs more hunter-conservationists, and specifically more upland bird hunters — lovers of pheasants, quail, prairie grouse and more, and defenders of the wild places these magnificent birds call home. The world also needs more pathways to becoming a hunter or taking up hunting again. That’s what Path to the Uplands is all about. Turn to this one-stop content shop for expert help with your journey into — or back to — upland bird hunting.



Latest Stories

Identifying Prime Habitat for Quail Hunting - 9/30/2021

Look for these habitat components when seeking a good spot to hunt quail.

Podcast Ep. 136: Recognizing Prime Pheasant Habitat - 9/29/2021

Breaking down how to identify quality pheasant hunting habitat by focusing on grass, grain, and winter cover.

Become a Better Wing shooter - Featuring CZ-USA’s David Miller - 9/14/2021

With the help of CZ-USA’s Shotgun Product Manager and resident “Clay Killer” David Miller, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever want to help you “Become a Better Wing Shooter” by providing tips and tricks on how to utilize sporting clays courses and trap fields to mimic real-world upland hunting scenarios.

Don't Fear the Gear - 9/1/2021

How to build your own upland hunting kit.

Top 5 Tips for Public Land Upland Hunting - 8/20/2021

Improve your success when hunting public lands this fall.

Podcast Ep. 130: Chasing Chukar, Mountain Quail, and Ptarmigan as a New Hunter - 8/19/2021

An upland journey that started in pursuit of chukar, progressed to mountain quail, and now features ptarmigan in Alaska.

The Other Side of the Uplands: If the Gun Fits... - 8/10/2021

In the uplands, shoes aren’t the only fashion accessory.

Fitness and Focus in the Uplands - 7/30/2021

The health benefits of a life spent chasing feathers. 

Podcast Ep. 126: Finding Peace in the Uplands After Returning from War - 7/14/2021

Listen to how a hard-charging veteran found peace in a bird dog and upland hunting after returning to the United States from war overseas.

Finding Solace in the Outdoors - 7/14/2021

One hunter's story on finding peace in the uplands.

WATCH: Bird Hunting Ballistics - Shotgun Shells Demystified - 6/30/2021

Whether your primary goal is to break some clays or go upland hunting, this video will walk you through how to pick out the perfect shells for your intended use.

Conservation: It's In Our DNA - 6/17/2021

An ingrained conservation ethos passed down from father to son.

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