Quail Hunting

Quail Forever - Your Upland Hunting Resource

The explosive flush. That unmistakable whistle. Man's best friend. Golden hues of far-reaching prairie. Family traditions. Whatever defines your reason to go afield each fall, Quail Forever strives to be a resource for quail hunters across the United States.

Upland hunters support Quail Forever because they know quality upland habitat is needed for the continued pursuit of their passion.

Quail hunting is both an American pastime and outdoor tradition which renews its roots every fall as countless individuals and families set out to pursue America's original game bird. Requiring knowledge, skill, and late-season toughness as one battles the elements of Mother Nature, the thrill of success and defeat in quail hunting is what motivates the average hunter to pursue coveys of quail.

The entire quail hunting experience, however, begins with good quail habitat, which is why every quail hunter and there are approximately 1 million nationwide should be a Quail Forever member. No organization does more to improve habitat that produces quail than Quail Forever.

About 70 percent of Quail Forever members own bird dogs, and this companionship is what fuels a passion to conserve upland habitat.

Quail Forever promotes quail hunting as a great outdoor activity. Whether you are new to the sport, a seasoned veteran, or just getting interested, Quail Forever has something for you. If you have a comment or question about quail hunting or how to get involved with Quail Forever, let us know by emailing Quail Forever's Public Relations Specialist, Jared Wiklund, at jwiklund@pheasantsforever.org.


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