Hunters have always been wildlife habitat’s strongest advocates, wildlife’s staunchest allies, and publicly accessible lands’ steadiest supporters. The world needs more hunter-conservationists, and specifically more upland bird hunters — lovers of pheasants, quail, prairie grouse and more, and defenders of the wild places these magnificent birds call home. The world also needs more pathways to becoming a hunter or taking up hunting again. That’s what Path to the Uplands is all about. Turn to this one-stop content shop for expert help with your journey into — or back to — upland bird hunting.



Latest Stories

The Path to Late Season Quail Hunting Success - 1/20/2022

A quail in February isn’t the same bird it was in November, so you shouldn’t be the same hunter you were in November.

A Two-Way Path - 1/5/2022

It takes two people to build a bird hunter, our Hunting Mentor and Mentee Handbooks detail secrets for success from both sides of the relationship.

Podcast Ep. 149: Tips for Late Season Pheasant Hunting Success - 1/5/2022

Try these tips for finding and hunting late season roosters.

WATCH: Simplicity in Upland Cooking - Nashville Hot Quail - 12/14/2021

Try this tasty Nashville Hot Quail that just might be the perfect finger food.

WATCH: Simplicity in Upland Cooking - Pheasant Paillard - 12/14/2021

Learn to prepare mouthwatering pheasant paillard and kale – and yes, even Kale can be prepared in a way that will have people coming back for seconds.

E-Scouting Strategies Part 2: Strategies by Season - 10/29/2021

What to look for changes as the season progresses. Here’s how to do it.

E-Scouting Guide for Public Land Birds - 10/28/2021

How to use onX to find your next hotspot.

The Art of the Ask - 10/19/2021

How to Gain Hunting Access to Private Land: It’s Not As Hard as You Think.

Identifying Prime Habitat for Quail Hunting - 9/30/2021

Look for these habitat components when seeking a good spot to hunt quail.

Podcast Ep. 136: Recognizing Prime Pheasant Habitat - 9/29/2021

Breaking down how to identify quality pheasant hunting habitat by focusing on grass, grain, and winter cover.

Become a Better Wing shooter - Featuring CZ-USA’s David Miller - 9/14/2021

With the help of CZ-USA’s Shotgun Product Manager and resident “Clay Killer” David Miller, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever want to help you “Become a Better Wing Shooter” by providing tips and tricks on how to utilize sporting clays courses and trap fields to mimic real-world upland hunting scenarios.

Don't Fear the Gear - 9/1/2021

How to build your own upland hunting kit.

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