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Quail numbers slip in Texas, but still at modern-day highs

Generally speaking, both bobwhite and scaled quail numbers in Texas are down from last year, according to results from roadside surveys. But you have to remember that last year, particularly in the northern part of Texas, “was something really special and unique,” says Robert Perez, upland game bird program leader for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

“We still have a lot of birds and I suspect in the High Plains there will be good opportunities, as our quail numbers are still above average – and above average is still pretty darn awesome,” he says. “It was really good last year and we suspect a lot of birds carried over. I expect a lot of good hunting in north Texas again.”

It remains to be seen how Hurricane Harvey affected birds, though “that might have had a negative impact on those birds,” Perez says. “You hope not, but that was a pretty major rain event on those coastal counties.”

“A lot of areas in south Texas got rain, which means we will see more birds nesting,” adds Perez. “I would not be surprised at all if hunters see some really small birds or chicks. So that’s probably not a bad thing at all.”

Among the counties Perez expects to offer particularly good quail hunting this fall are Collingsworth, Fisher and Wheeler. “It’s come down from last year, but there’s still going to be a lot of action,” he says.



Perez says hunters should come to Texas after the first freeze or the first bout of cold. And once they’re there, hunters should pay attention to what the birds are eating.

* “Open your quails’ crops and see what they’re eating,” Perez advises. “You need to pay attention to what they are eating and where they are eating. Hunt the edges of those areas.”

* “Also, just trust your dog,” adds Perez. Texas quail country is big. Let your dog work and use that nose. “Your dog is going to know better than you where the birds are,” he concludes.


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