Habitat & Conservation  |  04/16/2024

WATCH: Sorghum, Water and Wildlife: Conservation in West Texas

In the southern High Plains, farmers understand that water is their most precious resource. An ongoing partnership between Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever (PF & QF) and the United Sorghum Checkoff Program is providing more support for sorghum growers to benefit their farms and create a legacy for water and wildlife conservation efforts in West Texas.

The PF & QF team in Texas applies precision agriculture and conservation tools, meets face-to-face with growers to learn about priorities for their farm operation, and brings a network of relationships with all conservation agencies and programs in the state to help producers find solutions to “plant the best and conserve the rest.”

Speaking about his experience working with PF & QF Precision Agriculture and Conservation Specialist Josh Michna, West Texas farmer Ryan Heinrich noted “he’s talked to us a lot about conservation, and…  how we can incorporate different programs in our operation that could benefit us. And so that’s been huge for us.”

Applying resource-conserving crop rotations, ensuring aquifer recharge through stewardship of playa lakes, and building habitat for quail, pheasants, pollinators, and other wildlife have all brought growers solutions to benefit their farm and sustain their land, communities, and local wildlife.

“My great uncles and my granddad were here during the dust bowl and survived that,” noted fourth generation Texas farmer Barry Evans. “If they could see the benefits of what we’re doing… and the way we're taking care of the land… they’d be so proud of us.”

WATCH - SORGHUM, WATER AND WILDLIFE: Conservation in West Texas

To learn more about pairing crop rotations with critical programs contributing to water and wildlife conservation efforts in the Southern Great Plains, contact us today at sorghum@pheasantsforever.org.