Habitat & Conservation  |  12/05/2023

New chapters founded in Kansas, Arkansas and Texas


Promoting habitat work and public access in key quail areas

Quail Forever is proud to announce three new chapters spread out across the bobwhite’s historic range. In each chapter, new ranks of volunteers will provide a welcome boost to habitat conservation work, hunter recruitment and advocacy efforts in their respective communities.  

Unique among national conservation organizations, the new chapters of Quail Forever will retain 100 percent decision-making control over their locally raised funds. Under this model, volunteers can develop wildlife habitat projects and conduct conservation education events in their region, while belonging to a national organization with a voice regarding state and federal conservation policy. 

Southeast Kansas

The Southeast Kansas Chapter of Quail Forever is based in Linn, Bourbon, Crawford, Cherokee, Neosho and Allen Counties. In the coming year, they hope to focus on community engagement via landowner workshops and boots on the ground habitat work. 

"The chapter is really excited to get their feet under them in an area of Kansas that doesn't have any other chapters nearby,” said Hunter Moore, Quail Forever’s regional representative in Kansas. “They’re super interested in sustaining and creating new community relationships across their counties, particularly when it comes to landowner education and outreach. A few members have participated in Women on the Wing before but have had to drive hours away to participate, so they’re also interested in bringing these resources to their local communities.” 

The group will take a small break in meetings during the holiday season, and will return to their regular schedule in January. 

For more information on the Southeast Kansas Chapter of Quail Forever, contact chapter president Tim Trammell at 620-687-3084 or ttrammell2002@hotmail.com

Little Red Arkansas 

The Little Red Chapter of Quail Forever is based in White and Cleburne County Arkansas, located just northeast of the state capitol of Little Rock. The chapter sprung to life shortly after the Delta Waterfowl Expo last July, and hopes to make a big impact on central Arkansas’ bobwhite quail habitat in the years to come. 

“I’m incredibly excited and proud of the group that has come together to form the brand new Little Red Chapter of Quail Forever,” said Ayden Carey, Quail Forever’s regional representative in Arkansas. “Their focus on habitat, and close collaboration with the Little Red Prescribed Burn Association will quickly lead to positive and noticeable changes for quail and other wildlife in the area.”

The chapter will host their next meeting in January, when they will also take part in a tour of a local property that’s been managed for bobwhite quail habitat. 

For more information on the Little Red Chapter of Quail Forever, contact chapter president Devon Van Winkle at dentmaster95@gmail.com or 501-514-2528. To learn more about Quail Forever in Arkansas, contact Ayden Carey at acarey@quailforever.org or 314-288-5646. 

Rolling Plains Texas

The Rolling Plains Chapter of Quail Forever is based in Nolan, Coke, Fisher, Kent, Mitchell, Scurry, Sterling and Stonewall Counties. In an area primarily consisting of private land, the chapter hopes to focus on landowner education, and will work with local Quail Forever biologists to introduce available habitat programs, land management tools and native habitat restoration.

"The area surrounding Sweetwater, Texas has long been heralded as the Quail Capitol of the state. The region is made up of rolling plains and a combination of farm and ranch land that still supports quail, turkeys, deer and other wildlife,” said Dustin McNabb, Quail Forever’s regional representative in Texas. “These features, and the existing quality of habitat in the area, make it a perfect location for a new chapter. Rolling Plains is already off and running with their work, and I look forward to seeing the positive impact they can have on their local landscape.”

The chapter is currently working on finalizing a monthly meeting date, and is also preparing for their first annual fundraising event. 

For more information on the Rolling Plains Texas Chapter of Quail Forever, contact chapter president Larry Bills at lbills7764@gmail.com. To learn more about Quail Forever in Texas, contact Dustin McNabb at (806) 781-3724 or dmcnabb@quailforever.org