Recipes & Cooking  |  12/15/2020

Gamebird Gourmet // Gamebird on the Run


Chicken on the Run from Flavor-Crisp is a great marinade and breading combination, with the added bonus that they are very inexpensive and easy to use! Even when you us an air fryer your chicken or upland gamebird will have people insisting that you bought this fried bird at the store. Air fryers are small convection oven like devices that allow you to mimic the style of frying food without the oils and hence are healthier options.

Recipe: Gamebird on the Run

Boneless quail or other gamebird breast (skin on preferred)
Chicken on the Run Marinade
Chicken on the Run Breading

Air Fryer
Vacuum Tumbler or Vacuum Sealer (recommended)

  • Marinade gamebird (skin on) in Chicken on the Run Marinade for 2-24 hours before cooking. The small package does a lot of meat, so save the remaining seasoning in an air tight container
  • Remove meat from marinade and coat thoroughly in the Chicken on the Run Breading
  • Cook at 400° in your air fryer until internal temperature is 165° (about 18 minutes)
  • Remove and serve hot with your favorite dipping sauce