Cane Madness Mix -Seed 25#

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Cane Madness is a phenomenal mix of high-yielding tall cane sorghums. It creates an abundant food source and cover for birds while also providing “screen habitat” for deer. This blend of the heaviest-seeded forage sorghums is designed to provide what matters most for game birds -- cover that stands up to winter, and abundant high energy food. This mix enhances the character of existing winter cover when planted next to it, improves survival rates, and insures peak breeding conditions for birds. It can also provide stand-alone winter habitat and food if established in very large plots. A 25 lb. bag of Cane Madness plants 4-5 acres that can be established with standard planters, grain drills or broadcast seeders. Plant each spring at 5-6 lbs/acre when soil temperatures warm to 60 degrees. Matures in 95-110 days.

This is a specific mixture of multiple, distinct forage sorghums, enhanced with MicroNutrients. This product is treated with Concep III herbicide antidote, allowing the use of certain pre-emergence herbicides. This product is NOT Roundup Ready (not Glyphosate Tolerant).


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