Rights-Of-Way & Energy Habitat Program

Rights-Of-Way & Energy Habitat Program

Providing sustainable natural-resources-based solutions

Integrated Habitat Management

The Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever Rights-of-Way and Energy (ROWE) Habitat Program improves perennial grassland habitat for wildlife in conjunction with transportation, railway, electric, oil/gas, and solar rights-of-way footprints in the United States. This model also extends to corporate campuses, military installations, and other utility assets.

ROWE industries provide significant opportunities to establish diverse grasslands and secure travel corridors for many wildlife species. Serving as linear ribbons of habitat, rights-of-way have an important role to play in connecting fragmented landscapes in the U.S. for upland birds, pollinators, deer, turkey, songbirds, and migrating wildlife. Additionally, sustainability objectives for carbon capture, water quality and enhanced ecological services are an important byproduct of these efforts.

The Habitat Organization’s history of creating quality cover along rights-of-ways dates all the way back to its 1980s roots, working closely with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and other partners to develop a “Roadsides for Wildlife” campaign. Historically, nearly 1/3 of pheasant populations per county were produced within ROWE corridors.

Sustainable Habitat opportunities

The ROWE Habitat Program provides conservation technical assistance to industry leaders for creating sustainable, integrated habitat management plans with the potential to improve an estimated 35 million rights-of-way and energy acres. Click and view the map below for more information about the wide distribution of gas, railway, electric, and transportation grids across the United States – millions of acres of opportunity to establish quality habitat!


Services Available

Technical Assistance

Our nationally-recognized experts offer leadership and strategic landscape-level solutions that result in critical wildlife habitat, clean water, healthy soil, more productive land.

Seed Mix Design

Affordable seed mixes designed to: exceed ROWE project requirements; allign with ROWE management goals; reduce long-term maintenance costs; and provide multiple ecological benefits.

Workshops & Trainings

Direct training of both internal staff and/or contractors to maximize success and help establish Best Management Practices and Policies, specific to your project needs.

Community Engagement

Engage community landowners by promoting conservation benefits and connecting your project to local people and natural communities.

Monitoring & Evaluations

Our 270+ biologists are early successional habitat experts: experienced in assessing current conditions and developing management plans to improve habitat.


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