Podcast Ep. 173: Jamie Carmody on Becoming a Wildlife Artist and Hunter

4b89c0c9-0909-4702-b9cf-dcdf1d28c58d Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by PF & QF’s Emily Spolyar and Marissa Jensen for a conversation with Jamie Carmody who became both an artist and a hunter over the last two years. Carmody, who lives in Australia, explains how she grew up as a vegan and was motivated to become a hunter to source sustainable meats for her young family.

Episode Highlights:
  • Carmody talks about feeling “caged up” as a youngster growing up indoors and how getting outdoors to experience nature has led her to a feeling of freedom as an adult. She also talks about finding “beauty in death” through her artwork as a way of better representing our true connection nature.    
  • Carmody explains her creative process for drawing bird dogs with a stunning description about envisioning landscapes and dog’s love for their owner through a reflection in the pup’s eyes.   
  • Check out Jamie Carmody’s artwork at jamiewildart.com or by following her on Instagram @jamie_wildart.