Early Longtail Milo 25 lb bag

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Short growing seasons are no longer a barrier to good food production for game birds and other wildlife. Early Longtail Milo is a short stature, very early maturity grain sorghum that provides a heavy seed crop in as little as 85 days in normal growing conditions. It is wonderful food and escape cover for birds. Longtail Milo makes great hunting habitat that affords maximum visibility of your bird dogs while working cover. A 25 lb. bag plants 4-5 acres, and it can be established with standard planters, grain drills or broadcast seeders. Seed each year in the spring when ground temperatures reach 60 degrees, at 5-6 lbs per acre.

Early maturing grain sorghum with a wide area of adaptation. Enhanced with MicroNutrients. This product is treated with Concep III herbicide antidote, allowing the use of certain pre-emergence herbicides. This product is NOT Roundup Ready (not Glyphosate Tolerant).