Blizzard Buster Mix-Seed 25#

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Blizzard Buster is the 800-pound gorilla of winter cover and food mixes. This blend of early grain and forage sorghums provides maximum shelter and food for game birds and other wildlife in areas with tough winters. Specially designed to create a food-rich, dense cover, it provides both winter habitat and food when established in large plots. Plant it next to your existing winter cover to enhance its character and to improve survival. A 25 lb. bag of this special PF formulation plants 4-5 acres that can be established with standard planters, grain drills or broadcast seeders. Plant each spring at 5-6 lbs per acre when soil temperatures warm to 60 degrees.

Specific mixture of five grain and four distinct forage sorghums. Enhanced with MicroNutrients. This product is treated with Concep III herbicide antidote, allowing the use of certain pre-emergence herbicides. This product is NOT Roundup Ready (not Glyphosate Tolerant).