Bird & Buck Whitetail & Gamebird Mix 25 lb bag

$ 89.99
Item# 795090003

Product Details

Whitetail & Gamebird Mix is a combination habitat product specially designed by PF/QF Field Staff to produce superior habitat for deer, turkeys and upland birds. The browse components in our exclusive formulation will attract and increase your deer and turkey numbers. At the same time, it will benefit nesting and brood rearing pheasants and quail. Can be broadcast seeded or planted with a grain drill, and is best planted in the spring. This 25 lb. bag will cover 2-3 acres of habitat.

Specific formula of alfalfa, rapeseed, alsike, arrowleaf, berseem, crimson, ladino and red clover, partridge peas, annual ryegrass, bluegrass, switchgrass, timothy and millet. Enhanced with Legume Inoculants and MicroNutrients. This product is NOT Roundup Ready (it is not Glyphosate Tolerant).