Adult Learn to Hunt Grants

Through Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever’s Path to the Uplands initiative, our Education and Outreach team is able to provide financial assistance and training for chapters to engage new audiences through our adult Learn to Hunt (LTH) experiences.

The objective of this program is specifically designed to provide knowledge, skills, and an introduction to hunting through education and interaction with experienced mentors and positive hands-on skill building activities in a controlled setting. We plan to deliver adult LTH events through the collaborative efforts of chapter volunteers, staff, and valued partners across the country to Recruit, Retain and Reactivate more sportsmen and women. These events allow adult participants to get afield, while educating them on the importance of firearm safety, conservation, and outdoor ethics.

LTH_banner1.jpgStep 1: Agree to Program Criteria

Read the information below to make sure your project will meet the program’s minimum criteria. To accomplish program objectives, grants up to $500 per adult LTH event will be made available to PF and QF chapters who agree to meet the following guidelines:

  • The target audience for these adult LTH events must be over the age of 18, and chapters are encouraged to partner with other groups like state agencies and NGO’s to make these effective.
  • Events must meet Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever's safety guidelines.
    • All volunteers (dog handlers, instructors, mentors, etc.) and participants must complete and sign the Participant Waiver Form prior to event.
    • The desired number of people in the field at one time is three (1 dog-handler, 1 mentor, 1 hunter); there should NEVER be more than five people in the field at one time.
    • Ratio of mentors to hunters is 1:1.
    • Eye protection MUST be worn by every participant, guide, mentor, dog handler and anyone else accompanying a group in the field during an event. Hearing protection is strongly recommended.
    • The mentor does NOT carry a firearm and is responsible for a specific hunter; the mentor must be within arms-reach of the hunter.
    • Participants must have completed hunter safety prior to taking part in our Learn To Hunt events. Doing so, provides a basic understanding of firearms and firearm safety.
  • Submit Volunteer Liability Coverage Form to prior to event.
  • Complete and return all required reports to PF or QF within 30 days of event conclusion.
  • Chapters must pay for the entire event up front and will be reimbursed for half of all expenses associated with the project up to $500 after all reports have been submitted.

If Chapters agree to all the criteria above, you are eligible to apply for a Learn to Hunt program grant. For more information on the LTH program, click the link below.

LTH_banner2.jpgStep 2: Complete the Grant Application Packet

To be considered funding, Chapters must complete the grant application and agreement by clicking the link below. Grant applications will be reviewed by PF and QF staff and you will be notified about the status of your application within two weeks of submitting your application. Please contact Colby Kerber at​ with any questions.

LTH_banner3.jpgStep 3: Prepare for Your Event

After you have received word that you will receive funding for your event, go through the Learn to Hunt Guide, the Firearm Insurance Guide and other resources that provides helpful hints on how to plan and conduct a successful event.

LTH_banner4.jpgStep 4: Complete Your Final Report

When your LTH is finished, compile all receipts associated with your project and complete the online Event Report Form and Volunteer Hours Log. Please email receipts, pictures from the event and any media articles covering the event to​.