Bird Dogs,Bird Dogs & Training  |  08/04/2015

Term Test: Do You Know These Hunting Dog Terms?

Retired gun: Used in multiple marks, after an assistant has thrown the item to be retrieved, he or she moves to a concealed location so when the dog returns to the line and looks out to their mark, the assistant (“gun”) is hidden from view.
Stake: Designation of a class or separately-judged competition in field trials.
Non-slip retriever: Term used in connection with off-lead retriever field trials, a dog that is steady to wing, shot and fall and only retrieves when commanded.
Jip: Female dog. Also “gyp,” often refers to an unbred female among houndsmen.
Hie on: A command to urge the dog on, start or resume hunting; used in hunting or in field trials.
Green broke: Often the same as a “started” dog, indicates some level of training in obedience and elementary hunting skills, usually including pointing.
Deutsch Langhaar: German Longhaired Pointer.
Bye dog: A dog braced with the dog competing in a hunt test or field trial, but not being judged. Used to ensure fairness as each dog must hunt at least part of the event with another dog.