Tennessee Quail Hunting Forecast 2018


Weather and Conditions

"Spring and early summer were wet over much of the state," reports Andy Edwards, Quail Forever Regional Biologist/Representative for TN, KY, AL, and MS. "But mid-to-late summer conditions were dry, a positive for broods that did survive the early rains."

Hatch and Broods

"Anecdotally, I’ve had more people this year tell me about hearing and seeing birds than in past years," says Edwards. "I’m hopeful for the possibilities this fall." 

Habitat and Programs

"West Tennessee continues to lead the way in available quail habitat," says Edwards, "with much of this associated with CRP programs around production agriculture in the area. Our QF farm bill biologist program has assisted with creating 90,000 acres of habitat for quail in the past 5 years in middle and west Tennessee.

Top Spots

'Tennessee has established four Quail Focal Areas across the state, but there are many public land opportunities to pursue quail," explains Edwards. "Generally, pockets of quail habitat can be found in all but the extreme eastern counties of the state." 

Insider Tips

"Think rough shrubby cover with fairly open areas underneath," says Edwards. "Hunting in some areas that have quail can be tough on hunters and dogs. Push on in and you’ll likely have success."