Summer Quail Report: Missouri

44a749a1-793f-4d8b-9324-84da66e031d2 By Chad Love - Editor, Quail Forever


"Much of the state experienced below-average snowfall and mild temperatures again during the winter of 2017-18, setting the stage for good overwinter survival,” says David Hoover, small game coordinator for the Missouri Department of Conservation. “Early reports of nesting activity are good with broods reported as early as the middle of May in north Missouri. Overall, nesting conditions have remained good through July, despite the drier-than-normal spring, which prompted the early cutting of hay.”


“Habitat conditions will likely be best again this year in the counties of northwest, north-central, and west-central Missouri, given the more favorable open landscape and mixture of permanent grass, crops, and woody cover,” says Hoover. 


“The Missouri Department of Conservation is revising its strategic quail management plan to promote quail management in the largest, most suitable landscapes of the state and to benefit multiple species, many of which are species of conservation concern,” Hoover says. “In addition, we have the Missouri Outdoor Recreational Access Program. Hunters, anglers, and wildlife viewers now have access to new places through MRAP. The lands are privately-owned properties that the landowner has allowed walk-in public access to. 2018 will be the fourth year of the program.”


“I anticipate another slight increase in quail numbers in the northern and western portions of Missouri where habitat conditions are favorable,” Hoover says. “We will know more once our summer brood surveys and August roadside data is in and summarized.”