Southern Wyoming QF Topples Membership Record

03b46573-e770-4740-9aca-6cdeaa434875 In its second year, the nation’s largest membership-based Quail Forever chapter is making a big splash for conservation efforts in one of the most quail-free, unique regions of the country - Cheyenne, Wyoming. With 100 percent decision-making control over locally raised funds, volunteers of the Southern Wyoming Chapter of Quail Forever have quickly transcended the boundaries of the bobwhite quail to gain massive public support for their overarching mission of wildlife habitat conservation.
“Southern Wyoming Quail Forever, a group of dedicated volunteers led by chapter president Andy Baktamarina and treasurer Bryon Brockel, wanted to make a difference for the wildlife with the grassroots model of Quail Forever,” explained Bob Hix, regional representative for Quail Forever in Wyoming. “In just two years, the chapter has broken the organization’s all-time banquet membership record by registering 307 adult members at their November 2018 fundraiser. Additionally, their financial support of legislative advocacy, youth programs, a private lands biologist, and state access programs should be applauded by hunters and supporters of Quail Forever. They’re doing big things for upland birds and other wildlife in the West.”
Working closely with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, chapter volunteers donated $3,500 in banquet proceeds to the state’s “Access Yes” program after auctioning a Commissioner’s Big Game Tag. This popular program works with landowners to provide free hunting and fishing opportunities on private and inaccessible public lands and is comprised of Hunter Management Areas, Walk-In Hunting Areas, Walk-In Fishing Areas, and the Hunter/Landowner Assistance Program. For every $1 donated to Access Yes, the chapter is helping support nearly 3.5 acres of new public access – you do the math!
“Quail Forever is an ongoing donor to the Access Yes program. Their generous donation of $3,500 will provide nearly 10,850 acres of access, which has tremendous positive impacts for hunters and anglers in Wyoming,” said Brian Nesvik, director of Game and Fish. “This organization cares deeply about wildlife and we are grateful for their efforts to go the extra mile to ensure today’s resources are available for future generations.”
Southern Wyoming Quail Forever extends its gratitude for the volunteer efforts of Andy & Haley Baktamarian, Bryon & Amy Brockel, Renee & Troy Krawiec, Jason & Chris Mayle, Lisa & Leandra Pfizenmaier, Ryan & Kerri Benny, Derrick & Kenneth Bade, Bobby & Nicole Bindert, Tom & Becky Burke, Laura Miazga, Amy Irish, Eric Karcher, Steve Price and Troy Worrick. Additionally, a big thanks to local Air Force & National Guard service members that volunteer the night of the banquet each year!