Hunting & Heritage  |  08/12/2020

Podcast Ep. 79: Not All Female Hunters are Newbies

Marilyn Vetter and Nancy Anisfield, members of Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s National Board of Directors and longtime hunters, talk about their first-hand experiences during the growth of women in bird hunting over the last thirty years.  Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Marissa Jensen, the organization’s leader of the Women on the Wing initiative, as the group explore a wide-range of topics stretching from gender-biases to hunting pheasants in Hawaii and women’s field pants to beloved bird dogs. 

Episode highlights:
  • Bob starts off the episode explaining how important his mom was in passing on the St.Pierre family’s hunting heritage. 
  • Marilyn and Nancy, both devoted members of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, talk about the role bird dogs play in their love of hunting.  
  • Nancy talks about the importance of choosing the right words to give an authentic voice to women, while Marilyn explains how important the illustration of female role models is to the future of hunting and conservation.
  • Marilyn hilariously details how she finds her favorite bird hunting gear in the women’s golf and hiking clothing aisles.  
  • Nancy takes us on a dream upland hunting trip to the big island of Hawaii and follows up that story with an adventure to Alaska’s tundra in search of ptarmigan.  
  • In the most memorable sequence of the episode, Marilyn explains how she wishes her dad – who died when Marilyn was a teenager – would have seen her grow up to become a bird hunter.