Podcast Ep. #42: Creating Habitat through Federal’s Prairie Storm Ammunition

9d57f979-a35b-43c6-a1d3-d8d3a4d6da1e Bob visits with Ryan Bronson and Jon Zinnel, members of Federal Ammunition’s conservation team, to talk about the company’s distinction as Pheasants Forever’s longest-tenured corporate partner. The trio reminisces about the history of the relationship, the origin story of the on-the-box royalty program benefiting Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s habitat mission, and the product names that finished as runners-up to the winning Prairie Storm load. To round out the episode, the group breaks news on 16 and 28-gauge loads on the horizon and explains details of a new Federal ammunition rebate program launching on September 1st incentivizing bird hunters to become members of Pheasants Forever.