Bird Dogs & Training  |  01/04/2023

Podcast Ep. 197: Bird Dog Trauma Training with assistance from U.S. Special Forces

At this year’s National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic coming up in Minneapolis this February, we’re presenting a special hands-on course called BIRD DOG TRAUMA TRAINING. It’s the brainchild of our very own David Gutierrez, PF & QF’s senior regional representative for the southwestern U.S. and a former Green Beret turned habitat conservation warrior. Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Gutierrez for this episode, along with one of the Bird Dog Trauma Training session’s experts, Tom Sager, who is also a fellow serviceman with the unique role of training U.S. military special operations teams to take care of their canine partners.

Bird Dog Trauma Training Seminar

Where: At National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic 2023 inside the Minneapolis Convention Center
When: Thursday, February 16th, Friday, February 17th, and Saturday, February 18th 8am to 3pm daily 
Who: Sessions are limited to 20 participants each day
What: Each session includes training with Tom Sager, Dr. Seth Bynum, and Jerry Snetsinger, aka “The Trap Doctor.”

Registration is $500 per participant and includes a PF or QF Dog Life Membership and a custom field trauma kit.

Learn more at or contact David Gutierrez for more details at

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