Ohio Quail Hunting Forecast 2018

  • 10/2/2018 11:15:23 AM

Weather and Conditions

"Ohio experienced snow and cold weather well into late spring, which could have negatively impacted early nesting attempts by bobwhites," reports Joseph Lautenbach, wildlife biologist with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. "Early summer was warm and relatively dry, likely increasing nesting success. However, late summer was extremely wet, potentially reducing chick survival."

Hatch and Broods

"Populations of northern bobwhite in Ohio remain low, and a relatively harsh winter in 2017-18 likely did not help numbers," Lautenbach says. "Recent surveys suggest bobwhite populations persist in several isolated pockets, mostly in southwest Ohio. However, surveys indicate that bobwhite populations continue to decline and are at historic lows."

Habitat and Programs

"Bobwhite populations throughout Ohio are plagued by poor habitat conditions, likely restricting the ability of populations to grow and expand," Lautenbach says. "Conservation Reserve Program grasslands continue to provide valuable habitat for bobwhite in Ohio. In the past year, the Natural Resources Conservation Service has begun a program focused on improving bobwhite habitat in 30 southern Ohio counties through its national Working Lands For Wildlife program."

Top Spots

"Southwest Ohio offers the best opportunities to pursue wild bobwhites," says Lautenbach. "However, with a few exceptions, encounter rates are poor across the bobwhite range in Ohio. Only select counties in Southern Ohio are open to bobwhite hunting. If hunting on private land be sure to have written permission."