Gamebird Gourmet // Popcorn Quail

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There are plenty of ways to cook pheasant, quail or other gamebirds to make it delicious and tender, usually this involves marinating or injecting the breasts with a seasoning that includes phosphates and then slowly cooking it over medium to low heat.  Another way to get delicious tender gamebird is to cut it into small pieces and deep-fry it in oil to make popcorn quail or pheasant!   
It's easier than it sounds, we were able to make two heaping bowls of this in less than an hour and by drying the pheasant in a cast iron skillet on the side burner of our grill, clean up was easy! 

Recipe: Popcorn Gamebird

1. 3 Cups of all-purpose flour 
2. 2 oz of Bloody Mary Wing Shake 
Egg Wash 
1. 4 Whole Eggs 
2. 1/3 Cup of water 
1. 2 lb of Upland Bird Breast 
2. 8 cups of peanut oil (can use other oils with high smoke points) 
1 - Mix Bloody Mary Wing Shake into 3 Cups of all-purpose flour 
2 - Thoroughly whisk 4 eggs and 1/3 cup of water to create egg wash 
3 - Cut pheasant breast into small bite-size pieces.  
4 - Dip gamebird pieces into flour mixture first, then into the egg wash and then back into the flour.  To increase coverage and thicken the breading put gamebird back into the egg wash again and then back into the flour. 
5 - Heat Peanut Oil (or other oil with high smoke point) to 350° on burner or stove top.   
6 - Have a plate with layers of paper towel ready to hold the finished product. 
7 - Drop gamebird into oil, making sure it fully submerges in the oil and let it cook.  With small pieces this should only take a few minutes.  When pieces are close to done they will begin to float and the outside will be a nice golden brown. 
8 - Drip dry pieces over the oil and then transfer to plate with paper towel. 
9 - Squeeze some fresh lemon onto gamebird and enjoy with or without a dipping sauce.