Recipes & Cooking  |  05/13/2020

Gamebird Gourmet // Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Gamebird


Impress family and friends with this upland bird recipe that’s great with quail, pheasant, Huns and other upland birds. It’s easy enough that anyone can do it, but it will look like it was done by a professional chef. Travis Frank, a good friend of Walton’s Inc, shared it with us. You may know Travis from the popular hunting TV show The Flush!  The combination of the cream cheese and bacon will make even the most hesitant eater a wild game fanatic!


Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Gamebird

Meat Block
Gamebird Breast (boneless skinless)
Other Ingredients
Cream Cheese
Terrapin Ridge Farms Jam
Excalibur Smokehouse BBQ Rub
Equipment Needed
Tenderizing mallet
Plastic Wrap or Disposable/Flexible cutting mat
  • Lay meat out flat on a cutting board and cover with plastic wrap or flexible cutting board
  • Pound breast until flat; to assist in this, make sure your strikes are angled toward the edges
  • Mix cream cheese with Terrapin Ridge Farm jam, or other seasoning/additive you have decided to use
  • Place a dollop of the cream cheese in the middle of the breast and roll the breast around the cream cheese
  • Sprinkle Excalibur Smokehouse BBQ all over the outside of the meat (this can be done after wrapped in bacon if you choose)
  • Wrap bacon around the breast and hold in place with a toothpick
  • Smoke for 30 minutes at 225° with dampers open and no smoke or humidity
  • Add smoke and humidity and smoke until internal temperature is 165°
  • Remove toothpicks and serve hot!