Colorado Quail Hunting Forecast 2018


Weather and Conditions

"Southeast Colorado was very dry through the nesting and brood rearing period," says Ed Gorman, small game manager with Colorado Parks & Wildlife. "However, it appears that bobwhites and scaled quail fared better than pheasants in that area.  In northeast Colorado, weather was dry through the early stages of nesting and brooding, then wet, then back to dry. Hunters in northeast Colorado will likely see similar numbers to last year."

Habitat and Programs

"Habitats in Colorado are generally fair to good this season," says Gorman. "Some large areas were impacted by large hail storms in July and early August with most impacts being localized within the footprint of the respective storm."
*What habitat programs and factors are helping quail and hunters in CO? Any particular programs or developments you are excited about or want to call out?

Top Spots

"In northeast Colorado, hunters generally do well in Logan and Sedgwick counties along the South Platte river corridor," Gorman says. "In southeast Colorado, hunters should find both scaled and bobwhite quail in Baca County, and plenty of accessible lands via the Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Walk-In Access Program."