Bobwhite Boost via License Sales? Take the Survey

The State of Georgia has proposed a hunting license fee increase to improve wildlife management and hunting opportunities. The price to hunt in the state for residents has not changed in more than 23 years and remains a modest fee.
After completing an initial survey and hosting seven public forums throughout the state to discuss the issue, results show that a large majority of Georgia sportsmen and women would support the initiative (based on current sample size). The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is now requesting more in-depth feedback from the outdoor community in the form of a video survey.
What could more revenue mean for bobwhite quail and upland wildlife management? Improved habitat conditions at Wildlife Management Areas, better nesting areas and food plots – all leading to more birds.
As a member or supporter of Quail Forever, you can make a difference for upland wildlife by providing feedback on the proposed changes. To voice your opinion as a passionate bird hunter and conservationist, please read the license restructure proposal and then take the video survey.
For most hunters, and especially bird hunters, a hunting license is one of the smallest expenses to enjoy the outdoors in the way we love – about the cost of a case of beer and less than a tank of gas in a full size truck. Whatever you equate it to, we hope you can find the cause of bringing back bobwhite quail worthy of this consideration.
Thank you for supporting Quail Forever and upland wildlife habitat conservation.

Photo Credit: Kelsey Drey