Quail Forever Mission & Model

National Conservation Leadership with Local Wildlife Habitat Results
Quail Forever: The Habitat Organization

Quail Forever: The Habitat Organization

Quail Forever is dedicated to the conservation of quail, pheasants and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public awareness, education and land management policies and programs.

A Unique Model

At the heart of Quail Forever is the unique grassroots system of fundraising and project development that allows members to see the direct result of their contributions. Quail Forever, Pheasants Forever's sister organization, empower county and local chapters with the responsibility to determine how 100 percent of their locally raised conservation funds will be spent - the only national conservation organization that operates through this truly grassroots structure. As a result, chapter volunteers are able to see the fruits of their efforts locally, while belonging to a larger national organization with a voice on federal and state conservation policy.

Quail Forever

Pheasants Forever launched Quail Forever in August of 2005 to address the continuing loss of habitat suitable for quail and the subsequent quail population decline. Bobwhite population losses over the last 25 years range from 60 to 90 percent across the country. The reason for the quail population plunge is simple - massive losses of habitat suitable for quail. There are five major factors leading to the losses of quail habitat; intensified farming and forestry practices, succession of grassland ecosystems to forests, overwhelming presence of exotic grasses like fescue that choke out wildlife, and urban sprawl.

A Diverse Membership

Quail Forever and Pheasants Forever members are a diversified group of hunters, non-hunters, farmers, ranchers, landowners, conservation enthusiasts and wildlife officials. Quail Forever is for those who want to make a difference for wildlife by creating habitat, restoring wetlands and protecting prairies. Join Quail Forever Today!

Local Quail Forever Chapters

There are more than 120 Quail Forever chapters across the U.S., accounting for over 10,000 current members, and more than 625 Pheasants Forever chapters in the U.S. accounting for over 130,000 members. Find a Chapter in your area.

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The Future of Wildlife Habitat Conservation

Although we're extremely proud of the work we have accomplished, we realize that when your work is conservation, the work is never-ending. We invite you to join in our quest to ensure a country rich in natural resources and long on people willing to work to preserve them. After all, natural resources - pheasants, quail, and the land, air and water on which they live - are our greatest resources. Join Quail Forever Today!

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