Oregon – California Quail Good, Mountain Quail Fair

Forecast: “California quail did well again this year, with prospects about the same as the 2011 season and also above the recent 5-year average,” reports David Budeau, upland game bird coordinator for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), “(Hunters) should see an increased harvest of mountain quail compared to last year and the recent 5-year average.” This increase is due in part to the increase of Roadside Survey results with the mountain quail abundance index doubling since 2011 from 0.6 to 1.2 birds per 10 miles.

Oregon hunters’ best chance for mountain quail can be found in southwest Oregon. Those looking for California quail have an easier time as they are found statewide, with highest concentrations found in the Columbia Basin, eastern Oregon, and can often be found in riparian areas associated with agriculture.

Last year, Oregon hunters harvested an impressive 52,203 California quail and 6,945 mountain quail.

Season Dates: First season starts Sept. 1 and last season ends Jan. 31, 2013. Seasons and limits vary by species and location. Please see page 14 of the 2012-13 Oregon Game Bird Regulations
Daily Bag Limit: Western Oregon; 10 quail, singly or in aggregate. Eastern Oregon; 10 California quail, where open, 2 mountain quail.
Possession Limit: Generally three times the daily bag limit, but only 2 mountain quail may be possessed in open areas of eastern Oregon. Check regulations.
Field Notes: Columbia Basin Habitat Initiative. ODFW, in cooperation with Pheasants Forever chapters, Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation, NRCS, and Soil and Water Conservation Districts, has been working with private landowners in the Columbia Basin, particularly those re-enrolling in CRP, to enhance those lands for upland wildlife.

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