Nevada – Good Carryover, Average Year Expected

Forecast: Shawn Espinosa, upland game staff specialist for the Nevada Department of Wildlife, reports that while there was good carryover on birds, production was most likely pretty slim throughout most of the state due to a severe lack of precipitation that began in November of 2011 and went through the spring of 2012. The extreme northeast part of the state was the one region that had good production for upland birds.

Espinosa thinks it will be an average year hunting, propped up by carryover. Hunters will find it difficult pursuing birds as the season progresses though due to older birds becoming wary of hunters.

Recent figures suggest that California quail populations are expanding both in population size and area as harvest is reported in counties that historically did not have populations, or had very small populations. A factor that may be responsible for the increased harvest and hunter participation are California quail populations living on the periphery of larger urbanized areas such as Reno and Carson City. Urban settings often provide quail with adequate thermal cover and forage during the winter and their association with edges of population centers provides hunters with easy access. Also, the Nevada Department of Wildlife has been actively relocating California quail from urban and suburban areas to remote locations with suitable habitat throughout the state. These efforts have both augmented and expanded populations with apparent success.

Season Dates: October 13, 2012 through February 3, 2013
Daily Bag Limit: 10 (Persons who harvest mountain quail are requested to report their harvest to NDOW)
Possession Limit: 20
Field Notes: California quail hunting has now firmly supplanted Gambel’s quail as the second most popular game bird in Nevada aside from chukar. For many years during the 1970’s and 80’s, Gambel’s quail hunting was the second most popular species to hunt in terms of days spent in the field and harvest.

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