Indiana - Decent Increase in Harvest Expected

Forecast: Budd Veverka, farmland game research biologist for the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife, reports quail in Indiana were up only slightly in the spring, event with the mild winter, but were present on several routes in northern Indiana that had not had quail for several year.

The good spring was slightly dampened by an extremely dry summer, but rains finally made their way to Indiana in August. Overall, Veverka thinks the breeding season was quite productive and fall covey counts see to be reflecting the positive nesting season. A decent increase in the quail harvest is expected this fall.

Season Dates: North of SR 26: November 9, 2012 through December 23, 2012. South of SR 26: November 9, 2012 through January 15, 2013
Daily Bag Limit: 5 (North) 8 (South)

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