California – Weather Proves Beneficial

Forecast: “Weather conditions over winter and through the spring were to be beneficial to all three of California’s quail species. Reasonable levels of winter precipitation, combined with stable weather patterns during the breeding season continue to favor quail reproductive activities,” says Levi Souza, California Department of Fish and Game.

Statewide precipitation is at 73 percent of its long term average, with lower levels in the Colorado River region and higher levels in the northern part of the state.

Hunters looking to strike it rich in the "Golden State" should look to Kern, San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties for California quail; Siskiyou, Trinity and Plumas Counties for mountain quail; San Bernardino, Riverside and Inyo Counties for Gambel’s quail.

Season Dates: Varies, consult regulations
Daily Bag Limit: 10 mixed bag
Possession Limit: 20 mixed bag
Field Notes: In addition to California (valley) quail, mountain quail, and Gambel's (desert) quail, California's diverse upland platter includes pheasants, chukar, sage grouse, sooty grouse, ruffed grouse, and white-tailed ptarmigan.
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