Utah – Spring Rains Bring Quail Gains

Forecast: Bright news for hunters, as the outlook for quail hunting in Utah is very good this year, that according to Jason D. Robinson, Upland Game Project Leader with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Hunters should look to the southern part of state for Gambel's and the northeast part of state for California quail. Significant spring precipitation helped disperse quail more than in the past years. Last year, nearly 1,600 hunters bagged 7,682 quail in Utah. Uinta Basin on the eastern side of the state may prove to be this year’s quail hunting hotspot.

Season Dates: November 5 through December 31, 2011
Daily Bag Limit: 5
Possession Limit: 15 (In 2011, the possession limit was increased from 10)
Field Notes: The Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative is continuing to complete quail projects statewide. Also, Utah has a four-year old Walk-in-Access program providing opportunities for sportsmen and incentives for landowners. In fact, interested landowners are needed to expand the program in the south and southeast regions of the state.

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