Ohio – Heavy Snow Deals Quail Blow

Forecast: Heavy, continuous snow cover over much of the state from late January through early March likely impacted over-winter quail survival in Ohio, says Nathan Stricker, upland biologist with the Ohio Division of Wildlife. The statewide whistle count exhibited abundance indices down approximately 8 percent from 2010, though Ohio’s distribution index increased slightly from last year. Stricker notes hunters should focus their attention on Highland, Adams and Brown Counties for the greatest success.

Season Dates: November 4, 2011 through November 27, 2011, Youth Season is October 22-23 and October 29-30, 2011
Daily Bag Limit: 4
Possession Limit: NA
Field Notes: Continuing collaboration with the Ohio State University will look at the benefits of edge habitat practices for over-winter survival in rural landscapes. This will provide management officials and the general public with more complete management practices for quail in Ohio.

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