Kansas – Central & North Central Look Best

Forecast: For Kansas, the bobwhite breeding population in 2011 was similar to 2010, except for southwestern Kansas, where the state experienced severe declines due to drought, according to Kansas’ Department of Wildlife and Parks report.

Summer brood survey indices were down throughout much of the state for quail, indicating a general decline. There were some indications of higher reproductive success in the north central, south central and southeast parts of Kansas, though good areas may be spotty.

Because quail breed later than pheasants and grouse, early summer moisture that was received may have provided better conditions for nesting and brood rearing activities in the central and eastern parts of the state. In past years, heavy precipitation and flooding associated with summer storms negatively impacted bobwhite productivity in many parts of central and eastern Kansas. Fortunately, these conditions were absent this year. Counties with the highest quail reproductive success include Pratt, Reno, Woodson, Phillips and Rooks.

The best quail hunting will be found throughout the central part of the state. Extreme south-central Kansas experienced prolonged drought, likely negatively affecting reproductive success. Quail numbers declined considerably in southwestern and northeastern Kansas, which will make for very limited opportunities in those areas this fall. Bobwhite numbers in far northwestern Kansas continue to improve, but that portion of the state is at the fringe of the bird’s range and densities will still be low compared to central Kansas. Though southeast Kansas may see an improvement in reproduction this summer, numbers remain far below historic levels.

Season Dates: November 12, 2011 through January 31, 2012
Daily Bag Limit: 8
Possession Limit: 16
Field Notes: Kansas' popular Walk-in Hunting Access Program contains lands in CRP, native rangeland, wheat or milo stubble and riparian or wetland areas, with many of the approximately 1 million acres in the program providing excellent upland hunting opportunities.

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