California – Carryover Good, Excellent Broods Surveyed

Forecast: It is good news for California quail covey busters, as the state has had two successive high rainfall years, which had positive effects on quail brood production numbers. This year, precipitation in the hydrologic regions ranged from 115-160 percent of average, according to Jesse Garcia, environmental scientist for the California Department of Fish and Game, “There was good carryover of adult birds with an excellent production of young surveyed by roadside and guzzler counts.” The primary areas of the state include the Foothills of the Coast Ranges and those surrounding the Central Valley, particularly western Fresno County, Eastern Kern County, and washes draining into riparian areas of the Colorado River.

Hunters looking for the “hidden gem areas” should point GPS’ in the direction of: Panoche, El Paso Mountains, Rand Mountains, Scodie Mountains; Julian Wash, Milpitas Wash, and Vinagre Wash.

Season Dates: Varies, consult regulations
Daily Bag Limit: 10 mixed bag
Possession Limit: 20 mixed bag
Field Notes: In addition to California (valley) quail, mountain quail, and Gambel's (desert) quail, California's diverse upland platter includes pheasants, chukar, sage grouse, sooty grouse, ruffed grouse, white-tailed ptarmigan.
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